Terms and conditions 2021

Vehicles are insured at the discretion of the owners, however vehicles with a market value of more than CHF 3000 are insured in
complete casco which includes civil liability, collision, partial damage (fire, vehicle theft, natural damage, collision with
animals or rock fall). For these 3 services, the minimum deductible is CHF 500 and is assumed by the renters in case of damage
during the rental period.

In case of important damage (estimated at more than CHF 501), reserves the right to block the deposit while the damage is evaluated by a Swiss expert. Under no circumstances will the renter assume any damage to the vehicle without notifying the rental agency. The renter shall not take care of the logistics of the repairs or involve a third party without authorization from

As for parking damage, bodily injury to the driver and passengers, the insurance does not include these benefits.

In case of damage or breakdown, the renter must notify the rental agency first:

+41 78 950 97 45 or +41 76 467 2900.


Excluded are: damage to tires, rims and engine or a mechanical problem due to improper handling as well as personal injury and pecuniary damage. Use on a track, at high speeds on open roads, under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not covered by any insurance.

The use of launch-control is strictly forbidden and is not covered by any insurance.

If the renter violates any of the above conditions, the agency reserves the right to collect the deposit immediately and up to 48 hours after the vehicle has been rented (the time necessary to have the vehicle checked at the dealership). In case of insufficient amount on the deposit provided for the rental period, the agency will not hesitate to charge the credit card of the renter to cover additional costs.

For all rented vehicles, a deposit via credit card or cash will be requested from the renter.

This deposit is determined according to the category of the object, the age of the driver and the date of obtaining his driving license.

Upon return of the car, if the condition of the vehicle is the same as when the dice were thrown, the car will be returned without penalty.

On the other hand, if the renter returns the vehicle dirty inside, without refueling, with significant tire wear, damaged, the deposit will be partially refunded or not returned.

NOTE: If the renter is at fault and if the vehicle is immobilized for more than 12 hours, an additional cost of at least 3 days of rental at the maximum km rate will also be charged for loss of business (immobilization of the vehicle) and administrative costs incurred
After the damage has been assessed by a Swiss car repair professional, a statement can be made in favor of the renter within 30 days.

For any other damage (RC, Casco partial or park) reserves the right to keep the deposit for 14 days to determine the exact causes of the damage.

Deposits range from CHF 500 to CHF 10,000. A deposit surcharge of up to 40% will be applied to customers with less than 5 years of driving license or under 23 years of age. reserves the right to apply the deposit according to the type of vehicle and this at any time.

The handing over of the keys is done according to agreement with “”, by default it takes place at the : Route de Courgenay 40, 2900 Porrentruy.

An inventory of fixtures of the vehicle will take place, the taking of the deposit as well as the total amount of the hiring.

The return of the vehicle will take place at Courgenay 40, CH-2900 Porrentruy. The interior and exterior cleaning is taken care of by the renter.

A penalty according to the type of vehicle will be charged to the renter if the car requires professional interior cleaning, if there are traces of cigarettes, food or drinks.

For vehicles with more than CHF 100.00/24h/400km, we require the fuel receipt dated the day of the return of the rental and made in a gas station in Porrentruy. In case of non-submission: CHF 30 will be charged.

If the renter fails to return the vehicle on the agreed date, shall be entitled to a daily compensation of twice the agreed rental price per day for a period of five days.

After this period, if the renter cannot return the vehicle due to theft or other reasons, he/she will be responsible for paying the full replacement value of the vehicle after deducting the amounts paid to by his/her insurance company. All other damages, in particular the loss of rental income from, are reserved.

By default, payment is made in cash.

The renter picks up the vehicle with a full tank of gas and also does so when returning the vehicle otherwise he will be eligible for a penalty. He is responsible for checking the oil levels during the rental period and adding oil at his expense if necessary.

In case of breakage or breakdown due to a lack of oil in the car, he is responsible and the deposit will not be returned.

FUN, LUXURY and SPORT CARs, the mileage is limited.

For all vehicle reservations, a bank payment of 50% will be requested by phone at +41 78 950 97 45, giving your credit card details, we can reserve the car.

Cancellations and/or modifications must be notified 14 days in advance, otherwise 30% of the reservation will be charged to the client.

The insurance companies and do not accept any responsibility for violations (LCR) as well as for the use of the vehicle on racetracks or time trials.

The lessor shall assume all responsibilities in case of damage or sanctions by the authorities.

The renter must respect the traffic regulations and will assume the consequences in case of a traffic violation. In case of a report, the renter has 10 days to respond to our request for payment, otherwise will report it to the relevant authorities.

The vehicles are non-smoking and it is forbidden to eat or drink in them.

THE USE OF LAUNCH CONTROL ON ALL OUR VEHICLES is FORMALLY PROHIBITED, in case of use, we will keep the full deposit.

In case of mechanical problems or defects detected, the renter must immediately contact the agency and immobilize the vehicle, otherwise we can sue the renter with charges equal to 50% of the value of the car.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Our vehicles are equipped with GPS trackers measuring acceleration, braking, aggressive turns, fuel level, maximum speed. In case of dangerous behavior, the renter will be subject to a penalty. He will however be warned by an automatic SMS alert for dangerous driving. If the ultra sporty and dangerous driving persists, the renter is eligible for a penalty of CHF 1000.

In case of disconnection of the tracer, reserves the right to keep 50% of the deposit immediately.

The rented vehicle must not be used by anyone other than the renter named on the contract without In the event of objection, the primary renter will be fully responsible for all expenses related to the rental of the vehicle or any accident or breakdown during the period in question.

At the time of delivery, the renter and authorized drivers check the vehicle for any defects as well as the delivery protocol. The renter will immediately notify defects to The failure to report means that the vehicle delivered is accepted.

If a problem appears after the beginning of the rental of the vehicle, the renter must immediately stop using the vehicle and inform

If during the rental period, the vehicle is damaged or parts are stolen, the renter must take all precautions to protect the interest of and do what is necessary if necessary. In case of a puncture, the hirer must inform immediately (a set of at least 2 tires must be replaced of an equivalent brand taking into account the season).

If the malfunction or breakdown was caused by negligence, unauthorized use such as damage to tires, interior equipment or fittings and upper parts of the vehicle (the ceiling cover, convertible top or windows) by mistake or by failure to close the convertible top (due to rain, wind, etc.), the renter is responsible for all damages caused including compensation for downtime and costs for repatriation of the vehicle.

If the renter did not drive the vehicle, or any of the additional declared drivers, the renter will be held fully responsible for the accident.
In the event of a road accident, a report must be completed by the tenant and the other parties. In case of theft, a police report will be required.

Drivers not specified in the rental agreement are prohibited from borrowing, testing or driving the rental vehicle. The main tenant will be held responsible in case of damage.

A valid passport or identity card and a valid international driving license and/or residence permit for Switzerland.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.